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Having your day in court

Need To Patent Your Invention? Here's What To Expect During The Process

by Beverley Lopez

Patenting an invention is a great way to gain legal control over your idea, brand, invention or trademark. This allows you to retain an edge over your competitors as they cannot use your intellectual property without your permission. To get your invention patented, you will need to see a patent attorney who will guide you through the process as follows:

Know if your idea can be patented

In the initial consultative meeting, your patent attorney will evaluate your invention to see if it fits the parameters required for a patent application. This will determine if your claim is viable for patenting. This will depend on whether it is a new and original ideal and whether it qualifies to be classified as intellectual property. If it does not, your patent attorney can recommend some ideas on how to ensure it does.

Search for similar patents

Next, your patent attorney will initiate a search to cross-check your invention with others already registered. This is done through the patent office where records for all existing patents can be obtained. This search allows your attorney to determine with certainty whether your invention is one of its kind. This is done by evaluating other similar patents and looking for any similarities. 

Patent drafting

Once your attorney determines that your idea is original enough to gain a patent, they will begin the registration process. This entails preparing patent drafts where the attorney describes your idea in great details in readiness for the filing process. This step allows your invention to be distinguished from other closely related patents. It also provides enough information to deter other subsequent registrations from infringing on your patent.


A major part of any patent filing process is jurisdiction. Jurisdiction here refers to which territories you would like your patent to be registered in. For example, you can choose to register your patent only in Australia. You could also choose to extend the patent to Europe, US, Asia and Africa. Your attorney can advise you on which jurisdictions to claim depending on where you want to apply your invention.

Filing process

Once the drafting process is done, your attorney will file the application documents with the patent office. The process will take a specified duration depending on the type of patent filed and the jurisdictions filed in. Payment will also have to be made within the stipulated timelines. Once the patent is examined and approved, you will start to enjoy patent protection on your intellectual property.

Overall, seeking a patent for your intellectual property is a simple way to protect your investment. The process also holds great financial and legal rewards as your patent attorney will explain to you.