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Having your day in court

When It's Best to Call for Legal Services and Advice

by Beverley Lopez

You may not always need legal advice for every legal matter in your life; when creating a will, you may not have much of an estate that should be overseen by a probate lawyer, and if you've been caught stealing a small amount of money at work and your boss simply asks for repayment, you may be able to work out the situation between you two. However, very often it's good to get legal services and advice when you have any doubt or questions about a legal matter. Note when this is true in particular.

1. If you've been served with papers

Someone might verbally threaten to sue you, and this type of verbal exchange may be only an empty threat. However, if someone has taken the time to actually write down their grievance or hire a lawyer to contact you, this often means that they're serious about taking legal action. Even if the paperwork you receive is not from a lawyer, you still want to consider getting legal services. For example, a company may send you a cease and desist order on their own letterhead, and if so, you would do well to talk to an attorney about the matter to know your rights and risks in such a case.

2. When you assume your rights have been violated

People often have a very incorrect understanding about their legal rights when it comes to both criminal and civil matters. For example, you may assume that you have the right to sue if your employer fires you for no good reason, but your rights may or may not have actually been violated by your employer. If you think your rights have been violated, you want to speak to an attorney and find out for sure. Never assume that you do or do not have a legal case against someone when it comes to your rights, but check with an attorney first before deciding what to do next.

3. When large sums of money are involved

Writing out a will when you don't have much money or property to leave to your family might be done on your own, but if you have a larger estate, this may lead to fights between relatives. An attorney can help you word your will in a way that protects your wishes. If you suspect an employee has stolen money from you and you know he or she won't be able to simply repay it, an attorney can tell you your rights in being reimbursed. Whenever large sums of money are involved in a legal matter, it's good to have actual legal advice on your rights, responsibilities, and options.

If you find yourself in any of these situations or you are concerned about a legal matter, it may be best to seek out legal services from professional law firms, like CLP Legal.