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Having your day in court

Common Mistakes People Make After Being Injured

by Beverley Lopez

If you've been injured on the job or in a car accident, you want to ensure you protect your rights when it comes to getting medical bill reimbursed and collecting lost wages. While your first concern should be getting proper medical attention after an accident, you also want to avoid making some mistakes in haste or simply because you don't understand your rights or what you should be doing after an injury. Note a few common mistakes that people make after being injured so you can avoid these if you should ever be in an accident.

1. Signing forms without an attorney 

It's never good to sign any forms without consulting with an attorney first. An insurance company may say that you need to sign authorization forms to get your bills paid, or you may sign what you think is a waiver of liability, but you could be signing away your rights to medical compensation and to getting paid for lost wages. Never sign anything you don't understand, and always consult with an attorney when dealing with an insurance company or anyone that represents your employer or the person responsible for your injury.

2. Making statements

It's never good to make statements to police or anyone else after an accident. While you need to tell your doctors everything they should know to treat you properly, you want to avoid telling the police or others at the scene of an accident your version of events. If you were to make yourself responsible or liable for your accident by your statements, you may jeopardize your rights when it comes to compensation. Always keep information to a minimum and speak with an attorney before you make any statements to anyone else.

3. Accepting an immediate settlement offer

It can be tempting to accept an immediate settlement offer after an accident or injury because you have medical bills and other expenses, and an insurance company may be offering you what you think is a generous amount as a settlement. However, you may also be signing away your rights to future payments for medical expenses and even reimbursement for lost wages and other such expenses. It may also be that the settlement you've been offered isn't as generous as it should be, and an attorney may be able to negotiate a higher amount. Never accept any type of settlement offer from an insurance carrier unless you speak with an attorney first, to ensure the offer is fair and that you're still protecting your rights.

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