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Having your day in court

5 Biggest Mistakes When Hiring a Lawyer

by Beverley Lopez

Having an attorney can greatly increase your odds of navigating the court system effectively. However, not all lawyers are created equally. This article aims to help you avoid the most common costly mistakes of hiring lawyers so that you can find the best lawyer for your needs. Remember that there are two primary areas where people often make mistakes; selecting a lawyer and after selecting the attorney. 

Mistakes Before Hiring

Combined experience hype. You have probably noticed that various law firms use the phrase "years of combined experience" in order to enhance or perhaps magnify their credentials. If you want to find an experienced lawyer, this hype that they are building does nothing to inform you of the actual experience of an individual lawyer. Why don't law firms tell you of the experience of each lawyer? Because it sounds much better to use this combined figure.  Look for a law firm where individual experience is listed and do some research about the cases that each partner has taken. 

Laundry list hype. A law firm that offers a laundry list type of services claims to have experience in all areas of the law. In this case, it's important to remember the proverb "jack of all trades, master of none". Sure, it's possible to be a jack of all trades, but can someone truly be a master of all?

If you are looking for a one stop shopping process, it's important that you find the law firm or lawyer capable of handling multiple matters successfully. Ask if the lawyer can handle cases in the areas that you seek, as well as how much of their practice is devoted to which areas. Take these into account and decide if it could be more beneficial to seek out more specialised lawyer for each of your issues.

Mistakes After Hiring

Not asking for written fee agreements. While it is true than an oral contract is recognisable by law, its enforcement may prove problematic and will require proof of the terms agreed upon. Without having a written fee agreement, you can't really be sure that you and the lawyer are on the same terms. This agreement aims to solidify and clarify the expectations of  both the client and the lawyer at hand. It should spell out the responsibilities of both parties as well as the parameters of the representation. The best lawyers will already have written fee agreements established with their clients.

Not asking for copies of what you sign. Always ask to get a copy of whatever document your lawyer asks you to sign. The most reputable lawyers will offer the client a folder with copies of their office policies and fee agreements in pocket folders when retained.

Not keeping the copies after you are given them. Any documents you receive from your attorney must be kept at least until the matter is concluded. Lawyers don't retain the files of the clients forever, and it may be hard for you to get duplicates at a future date if you lose your copies.

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